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"Who Else Wants To Discover The TRUTH Behind Dr. Robert Anthony 's Claims Of Learning The Secret To Creating Your Own Reality. Is His Training Yet Another Complete Waste Of Your Hard Earned Cash? -- Continue Reading And Discover The Shocking Truth Before You Make A Decision You May Live To Regret ..."

If there's one thing that really annoys me, it's the number of so-called gurus who turn out the same old crap, trying to convince us that they're the only ones who've discovered the secret to guaranteed instant wealth.

And there we are, plodding along in life, buying the next so-called miracle cure, all in the hope of achieving overnight wealth and prosperity.

It really makes me sick to my hind teeth.

So the second I came across Doctor Robert Anthony's offering I immediately became suspicious. Is this going to end up like all the others?

"So Who Am I To Dislike All These So-Called Gurus ... Particularly With Such A Passion?"

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My name's Howard, and as a qualified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, for the past four years or so, I've helped many people change their lives around. And I've been completely intrigued as to how hypnosis and EFT ties in with the theory that we all create our own reality. Is there a connection?

It's something I've been enthusiastically working on, and the results are quite conclusive.

But I want to categorically state right now, that hypnosis or EFT by itself is not the answer. At least not the full answer, otherwise I'd be the one making all the money as a so-called guru, eh?

Anyway, I happened to come across Dr Robert Anthony's web-site thanks to a hypnosis client of mine who came to me because he could never save money -- he'd have no problem getting the money in the first place, but (as I later found out) there was a trauma in his childhood that literally prevented him from investing or saving for the future.

However, I was completely intrigued as to how he could always raise whatever cash he required; how he could always, with ease, raise the money he needed for a new car (he had 3), or a new house (I won't tell you how impressive the mansion was), an expensive watch (gold and sparkly ... and it was heavy!), a family vacation twice a year, or a host of many other trappings associated with the successful entrepreneur.

I needed to know where the magic of his success came from ...

"He Told Me His Secret ... It Came By The Name Of Doctor Robert Anthony!"

I had never heard of him, but that didn't stop me. I needed to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, so I found his web-site and became more intrigued as I discovered The Secret of Deliberate Creation. It read exactly how I expected it to, with promises of untold riches, and words all about the law of attraction etc.

Like I said previously, I was suspicious ... particularly as I've been stung in the past by those alleged "Think And Grow Rich" copy-cats. I'm guessing that maybe you've experienced the same, eh?

But never the less I made a decision to go for it ... perhaps it was the thought of "Maybe, what if it's true?" ... especially as my client had literally proved it to me, in a kind of way!

And there was something else, something that Robert Anthony had written about Quantum Physics and vibrational energy. It was something that tickled at the back of my mind, like a nagging voice, an unscratchable itch. Something that made me want to know more ...

I sent off for my six CD set straight away, and was pleased that it promptly arrived, particularly as I only had to pay $10 in shipping and handling. This was good, because it was much better than I had expected. The CDs themselves were of excellent professional quality, and the bonuses he delivered made it seem like a good investment. I was impressed with the great start ... but was it going to continue ...?

"So For The Acid Test, Let's See If The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Can Handle This One ...?"

I listened carefully to all six of the CDs before deciding to go ahead and create my lifelong desires and endless wealth, hah yeah right! So where ever I went, those CDs were playing -- at home in the kitchen, in the bedroom, the office, travelling in the car ... I even took my personal CD player when on the train. I wanted to fully immerse myself in the method. Finally the time came. I'd finished the course, and it was time to put the secret to the ultimate test.

blue feather

But how on earth do you test creating your own reality? I wracked my brains and finally came up with a foolproof test, something that I pulled directly from Richard Bach's "Illusions" book ... let's see if we can manifest a blue feather.

Yes, a blue feather!

(See the explanation at the bottom of the page if you want to know why I chose this as a test!)

That was going to be my acid test. How would Doctor Robert Anthony measure up? Could his methods really be the answer? Well, let's just say the results are ... somewhat interesting ...

I carefully went through the process step-by-step, and over the next few days, where ever I went, I'd be looking for the blue feather. Now this is where it gets interesting ...

"It Doesn't Work! ... Or Rather, It Didn't Work For Me ... Until ..."

The problem is, I couldn't manifest the blue feather, no matter how hard I tried. But that was the problem, I was trying too hard. I realised I still hadn't taken on the full and complete belief that I needed, the congruence of my ability, to control my destiny. Finally I remembered my hypnosis and EFT training, and how it had helped others.

So I added to the prescribed technique. Did it make the blindest bit of difference? Perhaps I had come up with my own solution after all ...

Well, a few days later, my girlfriend's son wanted to make a 'monster book of monsters' like in the Harry Potter film. So we covered an old thick dictionary with fake fur, and added some teeth as a clasp! Of course it needed some eyes, and I remembered we had an arts and crafts kit in the back of the cupboard. We tipped it out, and a whole glamut of eyes, stickers, felt pieces, ribbons, and other art supplies piled onto the table ...

... and there on top ...

... starting me in the face ...

... was a blue feather.

Oh my god. It works. It actually works.

"Hey, I Was Mistaken ... It Works After All!"

It took some work, but once I had modified the technique ever so slightly, it seems that I had stumbled upon a winning combination -- one that is repeatable.

So what can the average Joe expect from The Secret of Deliberate Creation? Well, if you're willing to put in the effort, and follow the instructions to the letter, and use my invaluable modified EFT manual to eliminate doubt (you did request it, didn't you?! ... if not, don't worry I'll offer it again below) then you can literally manifest anything you want in your life. Seriously. Do you want a new luxury car? Do you want a better job? Do you want a new lover? Do you want an extra $1000 a month in your account? Do you want a blue feather?!

Whatever you dream of as being your desire, you can use this scientific method to achieve it.

But don't take my word, just read all the testimonials that Dr Robert Anthony has collected from satisfied customers. You could even use the scientific proven system to attract the money to pay for the course itself!

Order 'The Secret Of Deliberate Creation' Online : $67

Oh, and that EFT manual you may have missed out on ...

Have you heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? Well, even if you have, did you know you can effectively use it with manifesting your future wealth and happiness?

Well you can, and as my gift to you, I would like to offer you an EFT manual adapted specifically to help you in creating your own reality.

It outlines the exact same step-by-step method that I used myself to eliminate all doubt I had about manifesting my blue feather, so you'll know that it works perfectly in conjunction with 'The Secret Of Deliberate Creation'!

EFT Manual

It is recognised that EFT is the best method for eliminating doubt, and when you begin to understand the learning behind manifestation, you'll begin to realise the importance of eliminating that doubt.

As my gift to you for requesting my infrequent newsletter, I would like to offer you an EFT manual adapted specifically to help you in creating your own reality ...

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So Why The Blue Feather Test?

Oh, I guess you're wondering why I chose a blue feather as the 'ultimate' test of creating my own reality?

Well think about it for a moment ...

How many times have you seen a blue feather in your entire life? For me, it must be maybe only a handful of occasions, if that. It's an odd thing which would stand out for me.

I could have chosen a 'purple sheep' or 'green toes' or 'pink carrot' (and you can read about these if you request the FREE guide as part of the follow up emails I send ... yes, I *have* manifested a purple sheep!!)

I could have chosen a new car (but what if it hadn't turned up within a week ... would that have been failure or just me not doing the process correctly?)

I could have chosen more money (but then again, it's possible that someone would give me some money 'by coincidence' ... would that have been real proof?)

If you want to test it, I suggest you pick something in your life that is extremely unlikely to be seen. That way, you can really test it, eh?

Have fun!

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